experimental film, Germany 2005, 4 mins
Super-8mm, 4:3, colour, separate digital audio, no dialogues
available formats: Super-8mm with .wav audio or digital file

On a local train, two sets of eyes track passing objects in a rhythmic choreography until the glances of the protagonists meet each other. All of a sudden they only have eyes for each other and forget about the world around them. The film itself leaves behind its own formal structure and switches to sudden emotionality.

director’s statement
According to the regulations of the Straight 8 competition, this film was shot with only one Super-8 cartridge in chronological order and without any editing or post production. The exposed cartridge had to be sent directly to the guys at Straight 8 in London where they collected all the cartridges of all participants and then send them to the lab in order to develop them. In the meantime, the soundtrack was edited blindly while the film was still at the lab. So the premiere was actually the very first occasion for the filmmaker to see his film.

cast: Sheela Tiruchi, Bengt Kröner
idea, direction, camera, edit, sound: Bernd Lützeler
assistant director, continuity: Renu Gautam

Directors Lounge Monthly Screenings, Berlin, Germany 2014
Social Cinema 3 under the Millennium Bridge, London, UK 2006
Bring Your Own Film Festival, Puri, Orissa, India 2006
Straight 8 at take 291, London, UK, 2005
Straight 8 at Rushes Soho Shorts Festival, London, UK, 2005

Straight 8 - Best of 2005 DVD