Loop-o-Rama filmloop, Germany 1998, infinite duration, no dialogue
Super 8mm, colour, stereo
available formats: Super-8mm with magnetic audio or digital file

A classic thriller climax transformed into an infinite loop in space and time. Three men get stuck in a vicious circle of infinite repetitions.

This film was tailor made to be screened in the Loop-o-Rama installation. In the installation, a simple narrative plot gets fragmented and extends in space and time.

Loop-o-Rama eBook (german)

cast: Christof Wüllner, Bernd Krüger, Dale
idea, direction, camera, edit, sound: Bernd Lützeler
crew: Susanna Brenner, Bodo Müller, Christian Uchtmann, Eric Wilhelm da Cruz

Loop-o-Rama eBook (german)
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