K⁰ ACT 2
adaptation of Franz Kafka's parable Up in the Gallery
solo performance with 9 video cameras, 3 monitors & 2 projectors
India 2011, approx. 30 mins, english & german

This collaboration with Mumbai-based actor Jyoti Dogra is an adaptation of Franz Kafka's parable Up in the Gallery. We approach the text from two different perspectives. We explore the subjective positions of the spectator and the performer, the observer and the observed. This time, the Frail Tubercular Lady Circus Rider doesn't even bother about executing her circus numbers anymore. Instead, she utilizes several cameras on stage and in the projection, we only see live images that resemble her performance. The cameras initiate the viewer and the performer into a world that constantly shifts and plays with reality, dream and illusion, exploring the interdependence between technology and perception.

K⁰ was part of the 50th anniversary grant program of Max Mueller Bhavan, India and was staged in Mumbai at Gallery Beyond from 21st - 24th July 2011

credits for K⁰ Act 2
performer: Jyoti Dogra
idea, direction, video, sound: Bernd Lützeler
technical consultant: Bijesh Jayarajan
lights: Sujay Saple
light operation: Sujay Saple, Asmit Pathare
costume: Loise Braganza
drums: Tobias Engl
production: Seema Bhatia, Hayder Ali, Vivek Venkatraman, Bhushan Vikas
voices: Shirin Johari, Pablo Holwitt, Franz Hofmann
software: Dirk Göken
video documentation - production & direction: Jerrit G John
video documentation - edit: Bernd Lützeler

K⁰ Act 1 was conceived by Jyoti Dogra and is not featured on this website.

intermission video