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experimental film, India / Germany 2024, 24 mins, English
dual film projection 35mm & digital, 1:1.85, 24fps, colour, stereo

a film by Bernd Lützeler
with ideas by Bernd Lützeler, Jeanno Gaussi & Shumona Goel
featuring Mayur Kakde, Satish C Ajgaonkar & Swapnil B Sarnaik
narrated by Satish C Ajgaonkar, Swapnil B Sarnaik, Jaganath S Rangdhol & Kishore Rathod
processed at Filmlab India, Ramnord Research Laboratories, Rauko Cine Labs, Studio Sound N Vision
scanned at Filmlab India, NoMasala Films & Prasad Film Labs

Celluloid was their one and only love – but then, one day, operating those bulky and ancient film machines started feeling just too inconvenient and tiring...